Taba Heights Golf Resort

Unmatched by any other course in the region, the professional golf course offers serious and novice golfers the opportunity to tee off under a crop of desert mountains overlooking an incredible expanse of blue water with a view of three countries. Located on the East coast of the Sinai Peninsula, golfers will appreciate the course’s impressive views across the Red Sea to the Arabian, Jordanian and Israeli coastlines. With sunshine a given during all seasons, the Taba Heights Golf Resort is open every day of the calendar year.

Designed by John Sanford, a member of the American Society of Golf Course Architects, the course meets American and European architectural standards for golf courses. The gentle slopes of the fairways take full advantage of both sea and mountain views and the course offers an impressive 7100 yards between the 1st and 18th hole. The total course area cleverly spans the central section of the resort’s overall property, linking the different hotels and beachfront.

The course provides an exciting game with various rolling elevations ranging from 4 to 70 meters above sea level. With five sets of tees on each hole, players have ample opportunity to improve their game or abide by their actual handicap level. Three challenging lakes, as well as several sand bunkers, native desert areas, and elevated fairways will test players’ abilities. Each hole has five sets of tees and three holes offering plays alongside the Red Sea waters.

Environmental Considerations

A professional golf course set in a desert location is by no means an easy feat, and a number of challenges must be met in order to provide a stimulating course which is also in line with international player standards. To do so, the resort’s environmental policy calls for careful planning and ingenuity on the part of the engineering team.

The grass type utilized, Seashore Paspalum Salam Var, was chosen for its environmentally friendly nature in that it requires less water, reduced fertilization and pesticides applications than other varieties yet delivers a great surface for golf playability. To ensure that the grass is well maintained and to meet the Taba Heights policy of environmental care, miles of irrigation piping have been underlain. This piping has been produced by the resort’s own recycling plant utilizing discarded plastics from the hotels.

The course’s lakes provide a watery challenge while serving a double purpose as reservoirs. The water is treated wastewater filtered and cleaned at the resort’s own water plant then mixed with fresh water drawn from deep natural desert wells. In all, the golf course is a remarkable feat and an indication of just how self-sufficient Taba Heights is as a development project.

Contact Information 

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