A Mystical Escape on the Red Sea

The picturesque destination of Taba Heights is not only home to the unmatched natural beauty that boasts 360-degree views of the enchanting Red Sea coast, towering Sinai mountains , and a tropical landscape, but also enables visitors to find their balance by bringing them closer to nature while instilling in them a newfound appreciation for culture by organizing excursions to nearby cultural and touristic sites, whether in Egypt or neighboring countries.

The resort town provides guests with the chance to explore their mind, body and soul by offering an array of activities – from water sports and land sports to multiple hiking and quad biking excursions – as well as long stretches of private beach, quiet areas for meditation and therapeutic spas.

Luxury is not compromised at Taba Heights – where the destination hosts a range of upscale five-star and four-star hotels in a cozy community, and provides a unique culinary experience that transports visitors to all parts of the world.

In respect to the surrounding nature that the Sinai Peninsula is known for, Taba Heights promotes an eco-friendly environment, with its green star hotels and homegrown farm that provides fresh, seasonal produce to the destination’s diverse restaurants.


Taba Heights caters to every type of traveler with its wide range of offerings.

About Taba Heights

  • The destination offers five kilometers of natural beaches, with excellent snorkeling opportunities close to shore.
  • Taba Heights spans over 4.3 million square meters of land.
  • Ideal weather conditions are guaranteed, with all-year-round sunshine. Enjoy your mornings tanning or unwinding at the beaches or pools, then take in the refreshing breeze at night over a decedent dinner.
  • The resort and each of its hotels have been established by some of the world’s most renowned international architects and designers.
  • Every area of the destination – from each hotel and Uptown to the farm – is easily accessible with a free-of-charge transportation system.
  • The resort is ideal for business travelers with its state-of-the-art conference and meeting facilities.
  • For guests looking for a family-friendly environment, Taba Heights’ hotels offer a range of activities and facilities that ensure their vacation is enjoyed by all.
  • Couples are also catered to at Taba Heights, with complete privacy and impeccable views in every direction, as well as groups, with the wide range of group activities on offer.
  • Excursions to breathtaking touristic and cultural sites both inside Egypt and to neighboring countries, including Jordan, Israel and Saudi Arabia, are effortlessly organized by hotels.
  • Uptown in Taba Heights includes an array of diverse restaurants – from Mexican and Asian to traditional Egyptian and Indian cuisine – as well as diverse cafes and practical shops.

More About Our Hotels

  • Taba Heights houses three beachfront five-star resorts that offer luxurious amenities on the Red Sea as well as a four-star resort that provides guests with an authentic Egyptian experience.
  • Each Taba Heights resort offers a range of facilities – from heated pools and fully equipped gyms to daily entertainment programs and kids amenities.
  • After eventful days, guests can unwind in the variety of luxurious rooms that find the perfect balance between exclusivity and comfort.

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Fuel Your Adrenaline

  • Taba Heights is home to a five-star water sports and diving facility that offers a range of activities – from snorkeling and parasailing to diving and boat excursions.
  • The destination is in close proximity to some of the best diving sites in the world, with rich marine life, crystal-clear waters and colorful corals.
  • Guests have easy access to quad biking, desert safaris, camel riding and hiking trips that enable them to discover the surrounding Sinai nature, including colorful canyons and stunning landscapes.

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Explore Entertainment and Dining Options

  • Each hotel, as well as the Uptown area, are home to a wide range of practical shops and diverse restaurants and bars that offer mouthwatering international dishes in an authentic setting.
  • Taba Heights offers guests a Dine Around program that allows them to explore the wide range of restaurants around town, whether at neighboring hotels or in Uptown.
  • Daily entertainment is provided in each of the hotels and Uptown area, as well as enticing programs every night.
  • For guests seeking a lively nightlife, Taba Heights offers the following:
    1. A mountain party every Thursday
    2. A beach party every Saturday
    3. A street festival every Tuesday and Friday

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Experience Ultimate Relaxation

  • Taba Heights is home to revitalizing spa offerings, swimming pools and private beaches with five-star service.
  • Quiet places for meditation are available in every hotel.
  • For those looking for a unique, therapeutic experience, Uptown is home to one of Egypt’s first salt caves.


Complimented by the stunning backdrop of the azure Red Sea waters and mesmerizing Sinai mountains, Taba Heights’ timeless architectural inspiration comes from the Arabian, Nubian and Mediterranean civilizations.

Designed by world-renowned architects such as Michael Graves, each hotel as well as the Uptown area infuse oriental flair with luxurious elegance while offering its own individuality and character. Domed ceilings and arches are commonly used, and are enriched by soothing tones, reflecting the country’s rich cultural heritage as well as the calming hues of the surrounding sea, desert, mountains and landscape.

Each crafted detail is carefully designed to ensure an unmatched stay that cannot be experienced anywhere else in the world.


Uniquely located overlooking the Gulf of Aqaba, Taba Heights offers stunning views in every direction you look, making it one of the best tourist destinations in the Sinai Peninsula. Each element of nature is reflected in the timeless destination:

Earth – From the vast Sinai desert to the tropical palm trees by the beach, you are bound to be left in awe at the beauty in Taba Heights.

Wind – Offering a steady yet refreshing breeze, activities such as windsurfing and poolside sunbathing can all be enjoyed.

Water – Azure, crystal-clear Red Sea waters and colorful coral reefs promise an unmatched getaway with endless opportunities for both activities and relaxation.

Fire – Boasting year-round sunshine makes Taba Heights a unique destination that can be enjoyed during all seasons, offering ideal conditions during the day and night.