Strategically located on the Gulf of Aqaba right on the Red Sea, the beachfront destination Taba Heights promises impeccable views of the Sinai, Egypt mountains and the turquoise waters, while overlooking the borders of Jordan, Israel and Saudi Arabia – each a boat ride away.

18 km

From Aqaba, Jordan

25 km

From Israel border

35 km

From Eilat Airport

40 km

From Taba Airport

Location - Strand Beach Resort - Taba Heights

How to Get There

You can reach Strand Beach Resort by plane or car. Guests can drive from the Eilat border in Israel and arrive at the resort in half an hour using the Nuweiba–Taba Road. Alternatively, guests can drive to the resort from Sharm El-Sheikh by taking the Al-Safari Route to the Ring Road and through to the Nuweiba–Taba Road, arriving in around two hours.

For travelers coming from Cairo, they can either opt for a plane ride to Sharm El Sheikh, or drive 450 kilometers into Sinai – either using the new road or to Sharm El Sheikh first.

Guests can also book an airport transfer from Sharm El Sheikh, Taba Airport or the Eilat border by contacting the front desk – the latter of which is free of charge when using the Direct Booking offer.

Directions from Taba Airport

From Taba International Airport, drive east towards Taba. At the checkpoint, turn right onto the Nuweiba Highway, moving south. Drive about 10 kilometers to the hotel, then turn left just before the Esso station and you will find yourself at Strand Beach Resort.

Airport Direction - Strand Beach Resort - Taba Heights